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Gyrolab Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems

Gyrolab LLC: Navigation, Stabilization, Orientation

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We are looking for distributors and partners in different countries.
Gyrolab LLC is the Russian private development laboratory which develops and produces a wide range of equipment for high-accuracy autonomous navigation (even without Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)), for stabilization, orientation (and many other derivant functions) for land, naval, aerospace applications:

  • Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems on MEMS, fiber-optic gyroscopes, ring laser gyroscopes

  • Drivers & Motors

  • Gyrostabilized platforms with remote control

 Gyrolab inertial navigation system as gyrovertical on the plane  Test results for land usage of MEMS inertial navigation system for unmanned vehicles and special transport  Fiber optic gyroscopes SINS with shock absorber and unloading systems for drilling navigaton, unmanned underwater vehicles etc.

 Other videos you can see here.

Download description of civil developments of Gyrolab.

Download manual for Strapdown Inertial Navigation System on closed-loop fiber optic gyroscopes “GL-150”. We have the same protocol for every SINS, so the differents are only in characteristics.

Some videos with demonstration of our developments at work is here.


We can suggest different variants of cooperation:

  • Finished products / systems supply (possible with third-party brand name)

  • Partnership according to license agreement when we help you to put into production our developments and then we receive payments for every sold unit. In this case we can continue our development of this product and support with new options

  • Sale of know how


Alexey Toropkov
Development Director
Gyrolab LLC

Skype: toropkov
Mobile: +7 906 033 5779
Russia, Moscow / Perm